ISLAMABAD : The govt has released so far Rs 2,076 million for construction of dams and water reservoirs during current financial year 2013-14 to effectively meet future power needs. The amount released also included Rs 231.51 million which is WAPDA’s self-financing. WAPDA sources said here on Thursday the government has set nine goals to achieve long term vision of power sector and overcome its challenges. These are building a power generation capacity that can meet Pakistan energy needs in a sustainable manner, creating a culture of energy conservation and responsibility, insuring generation of inexpensive and affordable electricity for domestic, commercial and industrial use.

The other features are minimizing pilferage and adulteration in fuel supply, promoting world class efficiency in power generation, creating a cutting edge transmission network, minimizing inefficiencies in distribution system, minimizing financial losses across the system and aligning the ministries involved in energy sector and improve governance.

Moreover, the sources said the government also plans to construct a power park at Gadani, Balochistan with total capacity of 6,660 MW.

They said only two units of 660 MW each at Gadani will be installed in public sector on imported coal which will contain less than 1% sulfur.  The plant will not cause any harm to human health and the marine life as the following emission control technologies will be applied on these units.

Electrostatic precipitators (ESP) particulate matters (PM), Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD) to control Sox and Low Nox burners with overfire Air Ports and selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system.

The sources said a stack height of 210 meter is proposed for wider dispersion of emission and thereby dilution. A higher stack will also effectively disperse the normal pollution from the stack. Properly designed wastewater treatment system will also be employed at Power Station to treat the wastewater before its disposal.