Neither Musharraf nor Zardari or Nawaz Sharif ever ventured to discuss the issue of drone attacks with the US in any meeting. Even pronouncing the word drone in talks with American authorities is considered a taboo. Their mindset is still subservient, they cannot think like a free sovereign country and unless they do so we can never stand tall.

Our rulers cannot stop unmanned attacks because they depend on foreign aid and loans. Drone attacks cannot be stopped unless we say no to foreign aid and loans. Our previous government and the present one have been claiming that the country cannot be run without the aid or loans. On the contrary history has proved that the borrowed money always damages the economy and other national interests. If we receive millions, we have to pay back in billions but who cares. The present rulers just take more loans and leave behind increasing debt the nation will keep paying till doomsday!

Now we are in a position of power but a servile leadership like ours does not know how to use this to our advantage. The US is dependent on us for the implementation of its policies. Our democratic rulers leave no stone unturned to enforce the policies of the West for strengthening their rule and for obtaining foreign aid.

If PML-N were to welcome foreign aid and loans, simply pay lip service to drone attacks, follow the outdated foreign policy then the previous two regimes had been much better than this. Really, nobody in history have ever negotiated with slaves, for they did not have the ability to negotiate.


Lahore, November 5.