Today Pakistan is facing both internal and external challenges. All we need is to get united and support our homeland but the situation is totally opposite. Every day someone stands up and pass some irrational statement which creates confusion amongst masses.

We have the recent example of Munawar Hassan who glorified a mass-murderer and then gave a statement against Pakistan army. Those soldiers who are always ready to serve the nation be it flood, earthquakes, elections, terrorism, or any external problem which challenges the writ of the state, it is reprehensible to think that those who die in the line of duty are not martyrs.

We as a nation should support our army rather than blindly following the propaganda against our own state and its sectors. Pak army is the only army in the world which is fighting on all fronts, they are fighting against external enemy, facing internal challenges. Some among us don’t miss even a single chance to criticize them. We should salute them for their bravery and diligent efforts.

I would like to ask Munawar Hassan what he knows about Jihad and Islam? Jihad is always declared by the state not by an individual so he has no right to declare anyone Shaheed or whatever. The terrorists who are killing innocent people just to impose their will cannot be martyrs rather as far as I know they are not even Muslims, as they are committing crimes in the name of Islam and defaming Islam by spreading the wrong message.

Munawar Hassan’s statement is highly condemnable because our brave soldiers have lost their lives in the ‘WoT’. I believe that the statement of Munawar Hassan is shameful, discouraging and conflict provoking. We are in a state of war and in this hour of trial, a soldier expects that the nation will support him and will show sympathy for his sacrifices but when he sees that somebody declares a terrorist ‘shaheed’ and raise question about his sacrifice then it will ne highly demoralizing. This will directly affect the people who are fighting war against terrorism.

If we create rifts inside the country who will defend our borders? How will our army fight against terrorist in tribal areas if we pass such statements? The glory for which a Muslim soldier lays his life down is Shahadat, if we take that away from him how will he fight?


Rawalpindi, November 12.