The ever-smiling Younis Khan is inarguably among the best cricket players in the cricketing world. What is to admire about him is that he brings definitive resilience, humility and stability to the pitch every time. Not only has he faced a lot of mistreatment at the hands of PCB, his teammates and critics alike, throughout his career, but he also had to endure personal tragedy-the demise of his father and brothers, however Younis has always brought enthusiasm and optimism to the front and he continues to bring out the best in his colleagues.

Statistically speaking, he is now the best Pakistani test batsman, with the most number of test hundreds, the highest conversion ratio and the healthiest average. He has been proving himself for a long time now cricket lovers and critics have finally started appreciating his efforts; this long overdue recognition pleases me to the utmost because he rightly deserves it.

Moreover and noticeably, the Aussies who are notorious for their sledging not only refrained from it, but also showed respect on Younis during his marathon innings. This speaks a lot about his character and his unassuming attitude that demands respect and admiration. We need to cherish and celebrate his every performance. We need to honor this great cricketer and justly take pride in doing so. Because when he goes, he will take our past with him and all we will be left with are these memories.


Karachi, November 5.