According to a press report of October 26, federal arms licenses record of pre—2002 period was destroyed in a fire, and the concerned license holders should approach NADRA for verification and revalidation of licenses over the next 18 months. This ongoing computerization of arms licenses since 2013 is a real hassle for senior citizens who are promised special comfort privileges by the worthy government. It is not affecting professional criminals and terrorists because they do not use licensed arms and countless superior arms of military grade are available to them.

For example, I was granted a non—automatic rifle license in 1976 and gratis license in 1991 for a military award. These licenses and arms were verified and registered by Rawalpindi administration in 1998 under a government order, after I obtained a good character certificate from local police station! Now, I as a senior citizen again among the suspects, and my licenses need re-verification and revalidation at an additional cost. All this because I am law abiding.

I humbly appeal to worthy Minister for Interior to be gracious enough to accept the concerned senior citizens, pensioners, civil & military awardees as law—abiding citizens, and authorize return of original arms licenses to them marked valid for life, subject to relevant laws. Hope arms licenses granted for self defense will not be used for revenue generation through various fees.


Rawalpindi, October 27.