The mainstream political parties including PML-N, PTI and PPP on Saturday vowed to give one another a hard time in the local bodies elections scheduled to be held on December 5.

These parties have fielded their candidates against while those denied the tickets by PML-N and PTI are now contesting as independent candidates against their respective parties. The independents are also flexing their political muscles.

The candidates are now moving door to door asking the people to vote them. The supporters of the most of the candidates belonging to PML-N, PTI and even the independent candidates were often found dancing and performing Bhangraas on drum beats at their roadside election cells in Sialkot city.

The PML-N candidates have displayed the tigers as their electoral symbols, while the candidates of PTI, their voters and supporters are distributing bats to the people. On the other hands, the independent candidates having “bucket” (Baalti) electoral symbols are distributing the small and big sized buckets carrying sweets, pickle and the candidates having “Diamond” symbol are distributing the small packets of the crystal made artificial diamonds. Hurt by the party’s political attitude, the old workers are hopeful to dent PML-N and win the LB polls by contesting as independent candidates in Sialkot, Daska, Sambrial and Pasrur tehsils.

The prevailing political situation could prove very dangerous for the PML-N, as the old workers could dent it in the next phase of polls. The political observers added that the disheartened workers have strong potential to make upsets by defeating the rival candidates including PML-N in their union councils and wards in Sialkot district.

Some candidates in Daska said, “Though we are still PML-N workers, we would contest the coming LB polls as independent candidates against the PML-N candidates, as the party has denied the party tickets to us; actually the denial of party ticket was denial of our prolonged sincere political services and political loyalty.”

They added, “Contesting polls is our basic right and we would contest as independent candidates now.” They were much enthusiastic to make political upsets by defeating the main political parties.