LAHORE: A contempt of court petition was filed in the Lahore High Court yesterday against Punjab Education Foundation Chairman Raja Qamarul Islam Raja attending PEF Board of Directors meeting in violation of court orders.

The petition was filed by the petitioner counsel Ch Shoaib Saleem. The petitioner pleaded in the contempt petition that the PEF chairman was restrained from participating in the board meatings.

The court had observed in its order that prima-facie the contemnor did not qualify to be from private sector as envisaged under section 5(2) of the Punjab Education Foundation Act 2004 and he was restrained to participate in any BoD meeting of the Foundation.

Donkeys’ hides case: Representing the public at large, two citizens have moved an application to become a party in a petition filed in the Lahore High Court by a Chinese citizen against confiscation of donkey hides.

Nisar Ahmad Seikhu and Muhammad Saeed had filed the application, pleading that the matter was of public interest as the donkey meat had been provided to the public at large under the garb of illegal business of export of donkey hides.

They said the accused had cheated the public and also violated the law of the land by dealing in illegal business of selling donkey meat and hides which also spoiled the local hotel industry in the country.

Chinese citizen, Ho Longbin, a representative of Globin, had filed a writ petition in the high court for superdari of donkey hides.–Staff Reporter