The District Bar Association on Saturday observed strike against “what they called” unparliamentary attitude of the DCO and demanded his immediate transfer from the district.

No lawyer appeared in any court to vent off their resentment. Addressing a press conference, Vehari DBA President Rana Sajid alleged that attitude of DCO Nasir Jamal Hotiana with lawyers is always rough and unparliamentary. He said that the lawyers protest would continue until the DCO is transferred from the district.

A lawyer namely Kashif Khan told to “The Nation” that attitude of DCO Hotiana towards the masses is rude, adding that the officer always use “rough language” with the complainants who manage to approach him.

He alleged that the DCO instead of resolving problem of the complainants, discourage them that’s why general public always seems reluctant to go to DCO office. He claimed that “if any person complains to the DCO about corruption in any of his subordinate department, Mr Hotiana advises him to remain silent.” “Peoples have to face great difficulties due to ill-manner of the DCO,” he charged.

He urged the Punjab chief minister to take notice of the DCO “misbehaviour” and immediately transfer him from the district. On the other hand, due to the lawyers strike litigants face great difficulties and remained cursing the Vehari DCO.

When contacted spokesperson for the DCO refuted all the allegations and termed it baseless and unfounded.