ISLAMABAD: Chairman of the United International Group Mian Shahid today, lauded government efforts to overcome energy crisis. The efforts of the government will soon start paying dividends however Hydel power should be preferred over other modes as it is the cheapest source of electricity, he said.

Mian Shahid said that energy crisis is result of neglect spanned over decades but now situation is improving. He said that Pakistan is satisfying 32 percent of its energy demand through imported fuel which is not sustainable. Energy mix should be rationalised so that issue of circular debt could be resolved otherwise it will continue to hamper growth and discourage investment tin energy sector.

Energy sector requires proper investment, planning and upgradation of primitive transmission and distribution system, he observed. He called upon the government to design an energy preservation plan and promote Hydel power which is imperative for the future of country. Mian Shahid said that Hydel power is also the least expensive form of electricity. The potential for hydropower generation in Pakistan is of the order of 40,000 MW. The capacities of the three existing reservoirs of the Indus Basin including Tarbela, Mangla and Chashma are declining due to sedimentation. The live storage capacity of the three reservoirs has been reportedly reduced by about 20 percent.