LAHORE - In a recent Brand-Attitude survey conducted by an international consumer-research agency, Samsung Electronics has emerged as the ‘Most Loved Brand’ in Pakistan. The survey comprised of direct interviews, reflecting a 90 percent increase in the number of consumers who expressed great desire to own Samsung products.

The strong performance and perception of Samsung, as a world-leading brand, has been recognised on various global platforms. The extensive range of innovative Samsung products continues to exceed the consumers’ expectations. This global technology leader is enhancing the lifestyles of diverse segments of consumers, who have varying needs, preferences and purchasing-power.

This recent Brand-Attitude survey in Pakistan has clearly reflected that a wider spectrum of consumers are being enticed by the fascinating features and advanced technologies offered by Samsung’s broad range of products. While evaluating the consumer’s desire to own a specific brand, the researchers also ascertain the perceived-value of the brand and the performance of its products.

The experts study the strategy, creativity and technology of all major brands in the country, as they analyse the quality of products, innovation, opportunities and experiences created by the brand, thereby judging the brand health. The brand-attitude survey also probes feelings about a brand to examine how integral a brand is to a person’s life and how often and naturally a brand comes to mind.

The Managing Director of Samsung in Pakistan – JH Lee expressed his gratitude to the Pakistani consumers for their continued trust and patronage of the Samsung brand. He stated that: “The results of this ‘Brand Attitude Survey’ reflect our ‘brand-responsiveness’ and our customers’ desire to enhance their professional productivity, social-connectivity and lifestyles, by using the powerful, smart and fascinating technologies offered by Samsung.

Lee further said that: “Being an award-winning innovator - Samsung is achieving new milestones in innovation that leads to unmatched convenience and happiness in the consumers’ lives, while we consistently increase our presence in diverse markets all around the world. We could not have won this accolade without the dedicated efforts of the Samsung team in Pakistan.”

Samsung has successfully nurtured strong brand-loyalty by enriching the consumer’s lifestyle to an extent, where the technology enthusiasts have become more dependent on the Samsung brand, than any other consumer electronics brand in the world. Consumers have expressed that they feel truly empowered by Samsung products, to excel in today’s fast-paced and connected world. Samsung’s products are enriched with fascinating experiences that instill great pride in owning the brand, among the various segments of consumers.

Positive and consistent consumer-engagement is essential for earning their trust. Gathering and evaluating customer-feedback through close interactions is a strategic priority at Samsung. The company understands that today’s consumers expect convenient and intuitive interactions, with regular opportunities to get hands-on experience of the new products, before making the purchase decision. Therefore, an extensive network of attractive outlets has been built, besides creating highly interactive online-channels for timely communications that ensure stronger relationships and an emotional connection between the brand and customers.

With deep-rooted commitments towards socio-economic wellbeing of the community Samsung is making the people more quality-conscious, through valuable initiatives for social awareness through the vibrant social media. Samsung’s global popularity is also established by the numerous international awards won by its products every year. These global performance accolades also include the most prestigious ‘Interbrand’ ranking, which has once again placed Samsung at the 7th position among the ‘Top 100 brands of the world’ in 2015. Initiatives like The Samsung Nest I/O, Samsung Mobile Health Units and Samsung Tech Institutes are having brought about a great positive change in the lives of many Pakistanis.