There is a widespread belief that the politicians who oppose Kalabagh dam do so at the behest of some Indian lobby. However I have great difficulty in believing that Qaim Ali Shah, Khursheed Shah, Nisar Khurro and so many other PPP politicians are Indian agents. It is easier for me to believe that they oppose Kalabagh dam as a matter of policy, a policy laid down by their revered leader. PPP being more of a cult rather than a political party, the devotees have no choice but to follow the dictates of their Deity, even if she knew damn all about dams, of course their belief is reinforced by their own total ignorance on the subject of rivers and dams. Alas the same level of ignorance prevails in KPK. In the end it is not the ignorance of the opponents that hurts more but the silence of those who support it but ever so silently.


Lahore, November 5.