What I saw today in the Newspaper was quite shocking. “Serena Hotel’s Bakery and Kitchen got Sealed”. A five star hotel (probably the seven star) which is a project of Aga Khan Development Network, who’s per day rent for the cheapest room is 250 US Dollars or a cup of coffee that is not in the range of even a middle class person; it was raided by the high authorities who after investigation sealed the bakery and kitchen because of unhygienic conditions. Are these restaurants and hotels playing jokes with the people? This is one of the major causes of decline of tourism in Pakistan. What I saw in the comments under the article (on internet) that a foreigner was too sad and shocked after listening to the news. He said that “I have always encouraged my friends to visit Pakistan because of my personal experience of Serena Gilgit , but after reading the news this would not be the case . If Pakistan wants to encourage tourism, Public and Private sector must have to make sure that the quality of food and accommodation be maintained.


Hyderabad Sindh, October 27.