The massive earthquake that shook areas of Pakistan while severely frightening the masses thankfully turned out to be a bearable calamity. The intensity of the tremors reminded all the devastation of 2005 quake which silenced thousands of living beings. The only positive that came out of that earlier quake was the exemplary unity shown by all Pakistanis for their brethren in distress. Similar unity and sense of cooperation and willingness to reach out to the natives of the soil is at work since this recent quake. The prompt response of Civil and military leadership, the rapid action of concerned departments, the willing cooperation between federal and provincial governments and sense of unity among the masses is no doubt worthy of highest esteem and of appreciation. Federal Government and brave sons of armed forces should continue their warm patronage of the quake hit areas for complete rehabilitation of vibrant “life” at every nook and corner of this beloved soil.


Lahore, October 27.