Media shapes our perception of reality but just imagine the authenticity of one’s perceived reality which is partially contaminated by the media of another country. It is tormenting to see the transmission of Indian channels in Pakistan. On one hand these channels have been promoting Indian culture and values while on the other hand they highlight the bad image of Pakistan. The domination of Indian Media in Pakistan has remained a continuous threat to the integrity and prosperity of Pakistani culture, values and interests. It was the need of the hour to tackle this menace seriously.

Recently Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has shown deterrence to ban all the Indian channels in Pakistan once and for all. Although the Indian TV channels were banned a long time ago but they are still shown through illegal DTH (Direct to Home) in Pakistan. To nip the evil in the bud, PEMRA has to take the initiative to start crackdown against Indian channels through illegal DTH. The crackdown against Indian channels will be a glimpse of the love and respect we hold for Pakistan. No doubt if we are able to control India media we would be able to revive our identity as a unified nation and no one can stop us from turning into one of the greatest nation of the world. It will send a message to the whole world that Pakistan is an Islamic country with its own culture, values and norms.


Lahore, October 16.