Rubella is being the most common virus among females it is referred to as German measles too. It is the central reason of increasing mortality rate amongst females mostly effecting those females who are pregnant. According to a study it is effecting Pakistan and it has spreading in every corner of the country. According to report of Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUH) that nearly 2000 patients were tested from January 1987 to October and three ml blood was drawn from the patients from their first visit to the antenatal clinic and Rubella 1gm antibodies and these tests were done by ELISA Techniques. Among 2000 more than 15.8% were affected by Rubella virus. It mostly targets the new born females.  

The infection of Rubella in the world is nearly affecting 2.2-7.3% of the population. Those who are not targeted by Rubella are mostly more educated, from Urban areas and relatively affluent families. However the poverty struck females are also privy to health care and protection from such diseases. The World Health Organization (WHO) should try to take a step forward to resolve this issue or eradicate to from the root and save the mortality rate of women. 


Turbat, October 15.