Ahmed ‘Wolverine’ Mujtaba is possibly the most ferocious Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter in Pakistan. The undefeated champion has just been upgraded to ONE Championship, which is the world’s second highest and Asia’s top MMA league. And ‘Wolverine’ won his first match following a unanimous decision by judges.

In his first match he fought with Singaporean fighter Benedict Ang and successfully defended his featherweight championship and taking his record to 8-0.

While talking to The Nation, the champ said the ONE champion is a much bigger platform as compared to WSOF. “It is more challenging, demands more training because not everyone gets a chance to fight in ONE Championship.”

“There are only two Pakistani MMA fighters who have fought in ONE Championship; Bashir Ahmad who is the pioneer of MMA in Pakistan and his student Waqar Omer,” he added.

While sharing the details of pre-fight preparation, Wolverine said that he reduced his weight from 76 kg to 69 kg in span of two weeks. “It is a great victory because Ang is very good fighter and was undefeated before this match.”

Ahmad, however, is shocked by the behavior of Pakistani media. “I have worked hard and have retained my championship in the second biggest MMA league and the media does not seem to care,” he stated.

“The media can report anything, even unimportant issues like the chai wala, and broadcast it over and over again, but we the fighters who work so hard and showcase the name of Pakistan in a positive way, spread the message of peace, hardly get any attention by our own media,” Wolverine added.

The champion further said that his fellow fighter Uloomi Kareem was highlighted by the media because his match was with an Indian player and they made it into a Pakistan-India war.

“I am really disappointed with the media’s behavior. We bleed for Pakistan, fight for Pakistan but get no appreciation.

“I have offers from other countries to represent them with great financial benefits and I will wait for one more week before I start considering other options,” Ahmad asserted.

“It has happened on eight straight occasions. There is a limit, and we deserve the rightful appreciation, which we haven’t got yet.”