KHAIRPUR - Scholars from around the globe presented their research papers on various themes on Tuesday, the second day of the two-day international conference on Literature & Ecological Challenges (Pakistani & International Perspective) organized by the Department of Urdu, Faculty of Arts & Languages, Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur in collaboration with Higher Education Commission Pakistan. Prof Dr Satyapal Anand from United State of America (USA) presented research paper on “A Study of Ecological Issues and the Role of Urdu Literature in Highlighting the Perils of Terrestrial Pollution.” He said Urdu prose and poetry can be used to highlight the problems of the drastic changes that have been brought about the quick and sustained industrialisation. Dr Vafa Yazdan Manesh from Iran presented her paper on Portrayal of Ecological Issues and their Solution in Contemporary Persian Poetry. She said it can be proved that classical Persian poets have meaningful concepts from natural surroundings. In the modern time, the poets have also focused on their surrounding environment in different aspects. They have focused on ground water, air and noise pollution.

Mehjebeen Ghazal Ansari from U.K presented her paper on Eco-criticism and Urdu Literature. She said Eco-criticism is branch of literature. It is the criticism that looks at the relationship between the written word and nature. Literature portrays the interactions between human beings and environment.

Dr Hend Abdel Halim from Egypt presented the paper on Elements of Nature in Poems by Muhammad Iqbal and Ahmed Shawki: A Comparative Study. He said poets Dr Iqbal and Shawki belong the same generation despite being of distant homelands.