ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Tuesday claimed that his party would come into power in all the provinces in the next general elections.

Addressing participants of the ceremony held to celebrate KP government’s Billion Tree Afforestation Project at the Convention Center, Khan said that the project was important for the future of Pakistan.

Khan said that the timber mafia in the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa had cut trees valued at Rs200 billion in the province in the last 10 years.

“A small mafia that earns 200 billion [rupees] is not one easy to fight against and that's why I commend [Advisor to CM KP on Environment] Syed Ishtiaq and all the forest guards who are here today who have been promoted; you deserve it,” he added.

“You have done what no one thought would be possible; who thought this would be done in four years,” the PTI chief said.

He said that as long as political leadership would not think of human beings and keep on thinking of just winning the next election, this nation would never make progress.

Nations progress when they think of the generations ahead, Khan added.

“We have two issues we need to address here today; one is climate change and the other is pollution,” Khan said.

He said that they as a nation needed to step up to fight this otherwise there was destruction ahead.

“Climate change and pollution are two of the biggest challenges facing Pakistan’s future right now,” Khan said.

The PTI chairman said that pollution that people were seeing in Lahore, it was above the normal rates of pollution.

So we must start planting trees and focus on urban planning now, he said.

Khan said that first they must do urban plantation, second they must extend billion tree tsunami across Pakistan, and implement the plan of reserve forests that they had in the KP.

“We must also encourage eco-tourism, which we are bringing to the KP; if people benefit from tourism they won't feel the need to cut trees,” the PTI chairman said.

Khan said that they had also decided to make free plantation and education about preserving trees and pollution control in the KP syllabus.

“Our aim is to increase the one billion tree tsunami project to two billion trees in the next five years,” he said and added: “In the summers I travelled to new areas; I discovered four new places and I have decided that every year we will develop four hill stations for public.”

The PTI chairman said that with the experience they had gained they would take steps to help implement the billion tree tsunami project in all provinces across the board.

“InshAllah it will be the PTI government doing this anyways as we will come into power in all the provinces in the next election; that is our dream and aim,” he said.

Khan also thanked Malik Amin Aslam, chairman PTI’s Green Growth Initiative, KP; Syed Ishtiaq and secretary Forestry and Environment KP Nazar Shah, the forest guards and all of the KP government for the achievement.