The chairwoman of South Korea’s ruling party, Choo Mi-ae, said on Wednesday that “under no circumstances” should US President Donald Trump take military action against North Korea without the consent of the government in Seoul.

“President Trump often emphasises that he put all options on the table,” Choo told a think-tank during a visit to Washington. “We want to make sure that this option of another war is not placed on the table. Under no circumstances should the US go ahead and use a military option without the consent of South Korea.”

Tensions have soared between the United States and North Korea following a series of weapons tests by Pyongyang and a string of increasingly bellicose exchanges between Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Trump said in a tweet on Sunday that Kim had insulted him by calling him “old” and said he would never call the North Korean leader “short and fat”.

The United States has said that all options, including military, are on the table to deal with North Korea, although its preference is for a diplomatic solution.

The UN Security Council has unanimously ratcheted up sanctions on North Korea over its nuclear and ballistic missile programs since 2006.