While abduction and sexual harassment of children are continue in full swing; teenage girls are also sexually harassed in the universities, to be more frank, everywhere: at work, at school, at environs and on the way. 

As many girls of Sindh University of Jamshoro lately claim that they are sexually harassed by teachers thereof, given the threats of failing in exams, there are disguised scandals ongoing in private schools where even principals are implicated in fornication with students or female teachers employed by them. 

We always have listened to ‘a teacher is a father’, but sorry to say, the reality is contrary to it. He can be a mentor, a guide which can lead students towards the pinnacle of success and enlightenment, but today’s teachers are belittling and spoiling this prestigious profession because there is no testing, no training, and no awareness. They are busy lusting after students, especially girls. Moreover, while there have been many schools aiming to hoodwink the masses, depriving the elementary and effective education that can result in innovation and efficiency, the schools abound in unskilled teachers, who recently have done an intermediate from unproductive colleges and been teaching there. It is sure that where teachers are employed at an auction, on recommendation and without being conducted any test, any query and viva voice, there will genuinely be sexual scandals. 

The shame should, sorry, must be directed to this ilk of teachers. Speaking candidly, if we avoid discussing this immoral and illegal issue, this can bring disrepute to Pakistan. The quicker it is taken into consideration, the better it will be dealt with an iron hand. 


Sukkur, October 31.