Rawalpindi - The three-month long dry spell ended here on Tuesday when the twin cities welcomed the first rain of the winter season.

The Metrological Department has forecasted more rain in the twin cities during the upcoming days.

The residents of twin cities sighed with relief at the arrival of rain and celebrated the occasion with winter delights such as fried fish, pakoras, samosas, daal halwa, carrot halwa, and hot beverages.  The long-awaited rain which began at during noon, caused major traffic jams in various parts of Rawalpindi as the roads were flooded with rain water. As a result, the commuters and pedestrians had to suffer the most.

Massive traffic jam could also be witnessed on almost all the roads including Murree Road, Iqbal Road, Commercial Market, Double Road, Waris Khan, Mareer Chowk, Rawal Road, Chah Sultan, Mareer Hassan, Katcheri, Saddar, Kashmir Road, Haider Road and Peshawar Road. Traffic wardens were deployed by Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) Chaudhry Yousaf Ali Shahid to ease the traffic rush, yet the wardens seemed in big trouble in controlling traffic snag.

Eateries at Saddar, Kashmir Road, Hathi Chowk, Chick Bazaar, Lalkurti, Dheri Hassanabad, Murree Road, Committee Chowk, Raja Bazaar, College Road, Chah Sultan and other places were crowded with groups of students, friends and families causing a boom in the business of dry fruits and other winter items. However the upsurge in prices also worried the citizens who complained against sudden price hike.

“The district price control committees should keep a check on prices of food items so that the middle income class can enjoy the season,” said Amir Khan, who along with his friends was enjoying the weather at Commercial Market.

Dr Tariq Khan Niazi, AMS at Holy Family Hospital, said that the rain has ended the dry and dusty weather bringing relief to children and older people suffering from different types of respiratory allergies.

He added that the numbers of patients with complaints related to throat, chest and respiration was on rise in the Allied Hospitals during last two months. On the other hand, the farmers also celebrated the heavy drizzle which would assist the growth of crops in Rawalpindi division.

CTO Chaudhry Yousaf Ali Shahid, said that traffic police devised a special traffic plan to cope with the mess on the roads ahead of rain. He added that countless encroachments were one of the mains reason behind the traffic snags in the city.