LAHORE             -     Pakistani Christians parliamentarians and members of Pakistani Christians now residing in UK have decided to form Parliamentarians Forum on issues related to the nationalization of Christian institutes including Edward College in Peshawar and alleged persecution of Christians. It will also coordinate policies between the Pakistani Christians diaspora abroad. A constructive meeting was held on Thursday between a delegation of Pakistani Christians from UK Dr Peter David and Mr. Qamar Rafiq and the Pakistani Christian Parliamentarians, Dr. Naveed Aamir Jiva, Mr. Ejaz Alam Augustine, Mr. Khalil Tahir Sindhu, Mr. Haroon Wilson, Mr. Tariq Masih Gill, Mr. Munir Khokhar and others. Dr. Peter David asked all the parliamentarians to present their loyalty to their respected parties but at the same time they must realize the obligation towards their own community as well. He said that your joint efforts can bring a change to their community at large and their collective voice would have a weight both in the Parliament and in public. He said that Edward College, Christian School at Wazirabad, forced marriage, forced conversion, implementation of job quota, equal rights and equal opportunities as citizens of Pakistan and United Christian Hospital needs your immediate attention. These are the institution that can bring a great change in lives of the public at large and the Christian community. He emphasized to be focused on these issues as our own problems. All the parliamentarians agreed to highlight community issues and pledged to work together for the betterment of their people.