ISLAMABAD     -    PML-N parliamentary leader Khawaja Muhammad Asif in Thursday’s National Assembly session asked the government to avoid politics of revenge and allow former prime minister Nawaz Sharif to go abroad for medical treatment.

“Indemnity bond is nothing but insult of Nawaz Sharif...We (PML-N MNAs) are guarantors of Nawaz Sharif...Avoid using power for personal gains,” said PML-N’s senior MNA Khawaja Asif while speaking on a point order in the house.

About Nawaz Sharif’s name on Exit Control List (ECL), he said “If Nawaz is not allowed to fly abroad, you have to pay the price here and the world after.” The incumbent government should avoid personal vendetta, as this attitude would not help it to smoothly complete its tenure, he added.

“I swear Nawaz Sharif will return, God will bring him back, his three time prime ministership and most importantly his legacy will bring him back to the country,” Asif said in an emotional tone.

He said, the former prime minister was not willing to go abroad for medical treatment but it was the advice of his doctors. “His doctors in Pakistan cannot give him further medical treatment, so it was advised to shift him abroad,” Asif said.

He said that Minister for law and Justice Farogh Naseem should talk about principles. “Arguments of the minister in case of Pervez Musharaf are entirely different from the case of Nawaz Sharif,” he said.

“The government’s demand of indemnity bond is nothing but it will make politics dirty,” he said, mentioning that Nawaz had never encouraged the politics of revenge in his era.

“Political differences should not be converted into personal enmity,” he said and advised the government to refrain from using his power for the sake of political interests.

He claimed that the Prime Minister in one of his meetings had asked the ministers to check whether laboratory reports and samples of Nawaz Sharif are correct or fake. He further said that the former prime minister had returned to the country in the past leaving behind his ailing wife in London.

PPP-P MNA Raja Pervez Ahraf said also supported the arguments of PML-N’s parliamentary leader.

“The government should allow Nawaz to go abroad for medical treatment,” he said.

“Asif Ali Zardari is not convinced to apply for bail but he is required to be shifted to hospital because of multiple health issues,” he said. He also complained that laboratory reports of Asif Zardari have not been shared with his family members.

Minister for Communication Murad Saeed, responding to the concerns raised by the opposition, said the PTI’s government is not doing politics on health.

“Even Prime Minister Khan has asked ministers to avoid giving negative statements,” he said and criticized the PML-N government for not making a proper hospital in the country in its tenure.

About the indemnity bond, he said the sons of prime minister should have been here in Pakistan. Characters of money laundering from Sharif family are still abroad.


A bill on ‘Control of Narcotics Substances, 2019,’ was introduced in the house.

The statement of objects and reasons of the bill says “ it is essential to treat drug peddlers with iron hand be enhancing the imprisonment, fine and making the offence non-bailable and cognizable in any case as methamphetamine/ice is dangerous for health and society.

Meanwhile, another bill to prohibit the business and practices of private, money laundering and advancing loans and transaction bases on interest was also introduced in the house.