Sambrial - Rain water on railway track at Muhallah Dar Ul Salam near Railway station Sambrial has become dirty pound and spreading diseases.  Local people including Mirza Atif, Muhammad Saleem, Imran Tufail, Zeeshan, Rana Raheel etc protested and asked Railway Administration to take action to discharge the water as two high schools and one middle school are located in the area and health of students is at risk. Meanwhile, a woman got registration an attempt to murder case after the passage of five months in Sambrial. According to FIR no SKT-SBL-002327 lodged with Sambrial Police, Kauser Shahzadi wife of Ghullam Abbas was sleeping along with her children in her house located at Sambrial Moor on 2nd June. Three armed men entered her house and started firing on them but they remained safe, she narrated in the FIR.  She alleged that Aqib Ijaz & Muhammad Ijaz were human traffickers and wanted to kill her son Usman. She had already lodged an application with Sambrial Police on 30th May but no action was done by police. Sambrial Police registered FIR of attempt to murder incident on 8th November under section 324/34 of Pakistan Penal Code. The complainant demanded DPO Sialkot & IGP Punjab to take notice to save lives of her family.