The USA congress committee for intelligence questioned the director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire for hours and hours on the the alleged role of whistleblower alleging the US president in a phone call to the president of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, urging him to investigate his political rival Joe Biden an inquiry, involving his son in corruption.

The proceedings of the congress committee on intelligence were telecast live on all major TV channels around the world. The proceedings were conducted in most friendly, civilized decent and befitting manner, conveying to the word the real meanings of democracy and the democratic traditions, and that how strongly the people of USA adhere to the democratic principals and actually show them being practice in that great country. Above all before questioning the director all the congress man /women addressed the director with utmost respect praising and acknowledging the services of the director during his services in Naval Seal in most befitting way.

This is the sign of greatness and firm believe and trust in the armed forces of their country. Trust in those who selflessly defend their country against the any external or internal aggressions and sacrifice their precious lives for the honor and dignity of the country. I remember last year when I was in Seattle USA, I used to go daily to a near by canal , where wooden benches and tables have been erected for the comfort of people visiting the location for leisure,  every table and bench has been dedicated in memory of some naval personal who lost his/her life on the call of duty thus paying a silent homage to those gallant officers and soldiers in uniform. While sitting over there sipping coffee to my surprised I observed people young and old walking along side enjoying the cool breeze of sea place one or two flowers on the name of the martyred sailor in uniform thus conveying their thanks to those who sacrificed their present for the future of the fellow American countrymen.

While seeing this gesture of love and a way of paying homage to the armed forces personal my eyes got wet, as my mind travelled back to my own dear country where for the last few years , a campaign has been started to malign the defenders of our borders ,who are fighting a war of terror within the and are active on the borders to avert any misadventure by the enemies of the country. USA is a great country because they respect their institutions and the people serving them. To become great ,we Pakistanis must follow the steps of the American people and respect our all institutions.