LAHORE-Chughtai Lab hosted its Diabetes Care Program launch and Health Fiesta at Chughtai Lab head office on Saturday from 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm to raise awareness on the importance of diabetes management and following a healthy life routine. The event started with a welcome note from Dr Omar Chughtai, Director Operations Chughtai Lab, who welcomed the guests and highlighted the importance of being aware of diabetes. He also talked about the Diabetes Care Program that Chughtai Lab is launching to support people with diabetes. Dr. Aroosa Usman, Family Physician Chughtai Medical Center, discussed the impact and prevalence of diabetes in families and its increase in Pakistan. Dr. Mehreen Farooq, Consultant Physician and Diabetologist, gave a talk on the risk factors for diabetes and how can people lead a healthy life. She also highlighted the importance of taking preventive measures to avoid developing diabetes. The event also included a Diabetes Care Card unveiling ceremony from the Diabetes Care Program through which diabetes patients can get up to 50% discounts on lab tests. Through the program, Chughtai Lab aims to create a healthy community and help people in controlling diabetes. Dr. Omar Chughtai, Director Operations Chughtai Lab concluded the event with a thank you note to the audience for making the event a success and a promise that everyone will prioritize their health. The event ended on a positive note with a resolution to help people with diabetes in staying healthy and adopting a healthy lifestyle.