ISLAMABAD - Mushaal Hussein Mallick, the wife of detained Hurriyat leader Yasin Malik, lashed out at what she called the coward Indian forces for targeting civilian Kashmiri population.   

Mushaal, who is also Chairperson Peace and Culture Organisation, in a strong reaction on Saturday over Indian forces’ unprovoked shelling targeting innocent civilians, said that Indian fascist Narendra Modi turned the Indian occupied Kashmir into hell where the brutal forces unleashed a wave of barbarism.

She said that Modi is a threat to the regional peace; hence the world should take notice of the unabated atrocities in the occupied valley.   Mushaal vowed that fascist Indian forces could not dampen the courage of the freedom fighters and the brave Kashmiris would further intensify their efforts to break the shackles of Indian brutal occupation. She said that India forces faced humiliation at the hands of Chinese forces a number of times so they resorted to unprovoked firings to target civilian population in Azad Kashmir to hide their humiliation. However, Mushaal made it clear that the Indian troops would face humiliation at the hands of Kashmiri and Pakistan forces if they could not overcome its transgressions. Mushaal lamented that the human right organisations and world community are playing a role of silent spectators that emboldened the cowardly Indian to further accelerate its inhuman activities in the occupied valley. The Chairperson hinted that India would be dismantled soon as the rule of barbarism could not last for long, as fascist Modi not only made life of Kashmiri people miserable but of all the minorities living in India.