ISLAMABAD - Defence experts yesterday said that the details contained in the dossier are of significant importance and enough to convince world community against the Indian designs. 

Talking to The Nation, senior defence analyst Lt Gen (R) Ghulam Mustafa said that the country’s intelligence agencies, on one side exposed India in the eyes of international community and on the other side it frustrated Indian plans against Pakistan. He said Pakistani intelligence agencies through hard work gathered all the information. 

“It’s a big success of the intelligence agencies to expose India. The information contained in the dossier is 100 percent authentic and there is no doubt in it,” he said.

He was of the view that India, Afghanistan and Israel were hatching conspiracies against Pakistan.

To a question if the evidence is enough to convince the international community against India, he said, “You cannot convince someone if he does not want to be convinced.” 

He was of the view that Pakistan would have to go a step forward to convince the international community on the point that India is involved in anti-Pakistan activities. He said there is nexus between Israel and India against Pakistan and these countries aided by some other countries are hell bent upon destabilizing Pakistan. 

Another senior defence analyst Zahid Hussain was of the view that the details contained in the dossier were of significant importance but he opined that it would make no immediate impact whatsoever when it comes to convincing the international community against India. 

Terming the evidence as solid, he said it is enough to convince the international community on the Indian involvement in terrorism activities in Pakistan.

He said, according to the details of the dossier, the Modi government has been found involved in covert operation against Pakistan. “India has been doing such activities since long… he was facilitating the terrorist organizations to carry out terrorist activities in Pakistan,” he held.

Zahid Hussain said Pakistan had been sharing such information in the past as well but it could not move the international community against India. 

He termed the Kashmir issue as the leading factor for increased Indian activities against Pakistan. He said the details shared by the foreign minister and the military spokesman would not record any significant change in world diplomacy. He, however, said Pakistan should continue to expose Indian designs at world level.

Dr. Hassan Askari was of the view that Pakistan should relate its issues with international issues so as to attract international community’s attention on the issues concerning the country.

“Pakistan has been saying such things since long but the real issue is how to mobilise international support, how to present the evidence before the international community,” he said.

He observed that India has been successful so far in relating its issues with the internal one thus mobilising international opinion ultimately in their favour. 

Giving an example, he said, India has always presented Afghan fighter groups as a threat to the US interests in the region and remained successful in extending her own agenda under its garb. 

Dr. Askari said that some arguments and evidence work domestically but cannot convince international forums and this needs to be checked. He said after sharing the information, the focus should be how you are being heard in the US and at other international forums. 

General (R) Amjad Shoaib appreciated the decision of ‘exposing’ Indian designs by holding the press conference. 

He said that one of the Indian plans is to destabilize Pakistan in terms of economy. He said CPEC is also a target of India as it cannot tolerate a prosperous Pakistan.