A day after yet another deadly bout of LoC violations by India on Friday, targeting civilians and leaving 6 dead, the Foreign Minister and DGISPR held a press conference unlike any other. Here they changed our traditional tack and made claims that were already well-known to both Pakistanis and the international community, but supported it all with hard evidence. This helped establish the sheer scale of the Indian project to destabilise Pakistan for the first time in such clear words.

A lot of which was already known here at home has been categorically explained to the international community with undeniable proof. India is on a determined path to carry out terrorism and subversive activities in Pakistan. The plan from the neighbouring state is expansive and carefully laid out, to disrupt the economy and Pakistan’s road towards a peaceful future; from Balochistan, to KP, major cities and even Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Kashmir. No region would be safe, were it not for the valiant efforts of our armed forces and intelligence services.

CPEC in particular is a prime target, with an entire militia set up to try and throw a spanner in the works.

But perhaps the biggest revelation by Pakistan is that this is not a one-man job, or even a clandestine intelligence operation. The Indian state has espoused the ideology of terrorism wholeheartedly, in order to try and derail Pakistan from the path to progress. The plans to destabilise Pakistan are overseen by PM Modi himself via a special cell.

As mentioned above however, the Pakistani state is now providing irrefutable evidence, from voice recordings to documented transactions made by India to foment unrest here at home. The sheer volume of proof in the dossier presented on Saturday is unprecedented, and those behind the hard work in getting this together must be appreciated.

With this data, Pakistan can now approach FATF and other forums to truly make the world see what is actually happening in the region. Pakistan is fighting of threats of terrorism from both the east and west, and India is directly behind this. Never before has the international community seen a state sponsoring terrorism on this scale, and for this, the Indian state should be put to task.