SWAT - At least 22 people including 18 Taliban were killed and four others were injured when security forces and Taliban targeted each other's positions in the scattered areas of Khwazakhaila on Tuesday. Meanwhile, 40 militants were killed in clashes in Bajaur. Sources said that a woman and her daughter were killed when a mortar shell hit her house while two other civilians identified as Hasan Khan and Wali Mohammad were also killed in Alam Gang area of tehslil Khwazakhaila in the same incident of mortar shelling. According to local sources security forces also killed 18 Taliban including two prominent commanders Abdul Kamal and Sher Mohammad in Gashkor area of the Khwazakhaila. A mortar shell also hit a mosque in the same area, which was partially damaged. Besides, security forces also targeted the suspected hideouts of the militants in Tehsil Kabal area. However, there was no report of any casualties. Taliban also released a kidnapped police person while abducted another one from Sir Senai area of Tehsil Kabal. The policeman is a leader (Imam) of the mosque. Meanwhile, Taliban demolished another girls' high school in Kanjo area by planting explosive material inside it. The blast also damaged a house adjacent to the school. Meanwhile, peace jirga led by Inamurahman and his other companion held talks with Taliban but the dialogue could not reach a final decision while Taliban were of the view that they would hold another Shoora today and after that they would decide their future line of action. However, while addressing on his FM radio Maulana Fazullah announced that except MNAs and MPAs, no local politicians and Nazims would be targeted in the area and claimed general amnesty for these local leaders. Agencies add: The security forces in the latest offensive against the miscreants gunned down more than 40 militants in Bajaur near Afghan border, security officials told APP. At least eight militants were killed in the late night shelling of the forces in Charmang, while 34 other militants were killed in clashes in Rashkai and Charmang areas Tuesday morning. At least five mortar shells fired from Afghanistan, landed in Pakistan's mountainous territory of Bang-e-Darr Hassan Khel in North Waziristan, reported a private TV channel on Tuesday. However, no loss of life was reported in the incident.