KARACHI-City Council demanded of the Federal Govt to bring changes in the regulation of generation, transmission and distribution of Electric Power Act 1997, there by providing necessary resources to CDGK to generate power for the City, so that the monopoly of privatisation of the institution is stopped. The Council demanded this through a resolution which was approved unanimously. They also approved another resolution in which they demanded of the Federal Govt to withdraw the recently increased power tariff. The City Council session held on Tuesday, was continuation on the discussion on the on-going power crisis in the City. The session was presided over by Naib Nazim Nasreen Jalil. The members of both Treasury and Opposition benches were united on the power crisis issue and both resolutions were approved unanimously. During debate members of Treasury and Opposition benches expressed utter dissatisfaction over the performance of KESC and all members lamented the attitude of KESC terming its decision a conspiracy against the development and progress of the City. The members expressed surprise why power tariff is different in the country and only increased in Karachi City. Treasury members Shahbaz Hussain said that 30 to 40 pc industries have been closed and if increased power tariff would not be withdrawn, the remaining industries would be closed. He said a uniformed power tariff should be received from Peshawar to Karachi as in the case of petroleum prices. The power tariff is different in Karachi then the other parts of the country which shows that how Nepra treats the Karachiites. He termed the decision of increase 70pc power tariff a conspiracy against Karachi to destroy its economic progress. Opposition member Ramzan Awan demanded a long march against KESC. He asked Naib Nazim and convener of the House Nasreen Jalil that all members of the City Council should take out a long march rally alongwith the affected masses and business community. The rally should end at the head office of KESC, where convener of the house and Naib City Nazim Nasreen Jalil will address the participants of long march. Treasury member Masood Mehmood said that all voices have united on the power crisis issue and all members are speaking the same tune against the atrocities committed by KESC. He said that people should stop the payment of the bills when increased power tariff put up in the new bills. Later, the session was prorogued. Seminar Under the programme on peace studies and conflict resolution, the Department of International Relations, Karachi University, going to hold a seminar on "War on Terror and Pak-US Relations" will be held at the conference room of department today at 1.10pm. Ambassador (Retd) Shahid Amin will be the guest speaker in that seminar.