LAHORE - Advisor to Prime Minister on Finance Shaukat Tarin on Tuesday said that his negotiations with International Finance Institutions (IFIs) have been quite successful, and there was no chance of Pakistan getting into any trouble on the economic front. "The IFIs have pledged a bailout package for Pakistan to bridge its financial gap, which would be forthcoming in the near future," said Tarin while talking to The Nation on conclusion of his talks with world monetary institutions in Washington. He sounded optimistic and confident about receiving the much-needed financial support from the IFIs during the current fiscal, and said that a back-up plan to sustain country's economy was also on the cards as short-term measure. "As a result of successful negotiations with the IFIs, the government is now in a position to go for plan 'B' if the vital funds pledged by 'Friends of Pakistan are received a bit late than expected", he maintained. Mr Tarin who led Pakistan team at the World Bank-IMF meetings in the US said that his meetings with the officials of World Bank, IMF, Islamic Development Bank and the British Department for International Development have been extremely successful. He rejected reports that Pakistan was on the brink of defaulting on its international payment commitments, saying that financial help from IFIs was around the corner while the Friends of Pakistan group was also meeting next month in Abu Dhabi to firm up proposals in this regard.  "Now, we will have enough resources to move forward even if the funds from Friends of Pakistan are not received on time", he observed. It is to be noted that Pakistan is expecting $ 2 to 2.5 billion additional support from the IFIs including the World Bank, the IMF and the Islamic Development Bank. The negotiations with the British Department for International Development are also stated to have yielded the desired results. The anticipated support from IFIs is significant as the financial support from so-called Arab friends has not been forthcoming. Similarly, the first meeting of Friends of Pakistan in the US has also not been much successful. Besides its efforts to secure immediate help from these monetary institutions, Pakistan is also expecting to get an additional $ 1.5 to 2 billion in foreign remittances as the overseas Pakistanis will be enabled to send their money through government banks of their host countries. At home, it is considering to bring agriculture and real estate sector under the tax net to improve its finances. Pakistan has also sought commitment from Asian Development Bank to provide $1.5 billion worth economic support during 2009-09, out of which $ 500 million have already been released. This amount would help the country stabilise its foreign exchange reserves besides meeting its international financial obligations.