India has strongly advocated implementing robust measures within Afghanistan to fight the "barbarity" of resurgent Al-Qaeda and Taliban elements while expanding "coordinated politico-military efforts" beyond the country. "We need to go much further in realising the well established objective of degrading the ability of the Taliban to fight while simultaneously denying safe-havens, finances and armament," Indian Ambassador to UN Nirupam Sen told the Security Council yesterday. Intervening in the debate on the situation in Afghanistan, Sen proposed a three-pronged strategy to bring stability to Afghanistan robust fight against terrorists, sustained international assistance for development and regional cooperation. Criticising UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon's report, which was the basis for discussion, for referring to anti-government and pro-government forces while discussing civilian casualties caused in the conflict, Sen warned against granting parity to terrorists and the forces trying to bring about order in the country. "The escalating civilian death toll is truly distressing, but the ultimate responsibility for such casualties must be laid at the door of the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, and those who support and empower them," he told the 15-member Council. The escalation in asymmetric attacks to include areas that were cleared of the Taliban and the Al-Qaeda is a deeply worrying sign, Sen said, adding that civilians, humanitarian workers, UN convoys and diplomatic representations including Indian Mission in Kabul have been attacked "clearly underlines the barbarity of the foe that we face."