There are many voices against Pakistan in the US. Behind them, we usually see the hand of Indian or Jewish lobby, both very active here. Some people here, though, genuinely and independently evaluate the situation and offer their candid observations. They are calling upon Washington not to launch an attack on Pakistan, arguing that Pakistan is part of the solution, rather than problem. They recognize Pakistan's vital role in the war against terror and openly admit that without Pakistan's help, Americans would never be safe. They also agree that because of the US war on terrorism, Pakistan is bearing the heaviest brunt of terrorists attack in its history. They say the US should come out with all possible help to rescue Pakistan's failing economy and deteriorating law and order situation. Because of these sensible people, there is widespread support in America today for generous, long-term assistance to Pakistan. The Biden-Lugar bill, currently under consideration on Capitol Hill, envisions a tripling of US assistance for us during the next decade and prospects for its adoption are promising. -MUHAMMAD ARSHAD NADEEM, Islamabad, via e-mail, September 27.