ISLAMABAD - Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) has decided to share its stance on war against terror with the nation and its senators will held a press conference today (Wednesday) at Islamabad Press Club over the collective political and law and order situation of the country. Senators Professor Khurshid Ahmad, Professor Muhammad Ibrahim, Professor Dr Muhammad Saad and Kausar Firdaus will inform the media about military operation in tribal areas and the government policies in the press conference. Talking to TheNation Prof Khurshid Ahmad said that they would not reveal any information of the ongoing in-camera joint session of the Parliament in the press conference and would also not share anything about the recently held close door military briefing to the Parliament.   "Actually JI is going to make people aware about its stance regarding persistent security turmoil in the country to the people of Pakistan," he said, adding that JI senators would not leak secrets of in-camera joint session of the Parliament as they were cooperating with the government to make the ongoing session meaningful. He said that in-camera military briefing to the representatives of the people and ongoing joint session of the Parliament was a good step in the right direction and JI would not sabotage the efforts of the government. "We will present our recommendations that how could the government meet the security imbroglio before the nation," he added.