A Chinese man is able to shoot water from his eyes so accurately that he can write calligraphy from up to ten feet away. Ru Anting, 56, of Luoyang, Henan province, sucks up the water with his nose and then sprays it through his tear ducts. It took three years of intensive training to get to this point. But Ru recently demonstrated his skill at the Lotus World Park in Shanshui city, Guangdong. Onlookers were flabbergasted as he wrote four characters, 'Fu Ru Dong Hai' ('Fortune as vast as the sea'), on a board covered with red paper. Ru told the China News Network that he discovered his unusual talent as a child while swimming in the river. "Sometimes I would swallow water while swimming, and once I accidentally discovered the water I swallowed could be shot out through my eyes. My friends were all shocked to see it," he said. But it wasn't until the 1990s, when Ru lost his job in a local fertilizer factory after more than 20 years, that he began to develop his unusual talent. "At that time I started to train myself and hone my eye spraying skills," he explained. After three years of intensive training, he found he could shoot water accurately up to 10ft from his eyes at will.      " Daily Mail