Passengers travelling by PIA's direct flight from Pakistan to Toronto are facing severe scrutinization on landing here following the horrifying incident when a passenger managed to travel on one such flight on 1st August without a ticket, visa or even passport. The mere thought that such an incident can take place in the present security environment exposes serious flaws in security arrangements at Pakistani airports. In this case, a PIA contract employee traveled on PK-781 from Karachi to Islamabad on a rebated domestic ticket, managed to stay on board the aircraft, succeeded in avoiding detection and then traveled all the way to Toronto, a 14-hour long flight. All airport systems failed. This stowaway passenger was a PIA contract loader. PIA already has the highest number of employees-to-aircraft ratio in the world. We need not employ loonies like this in the first place. His recruitment points to serious flaws in PIA recruitment procedures. It shows considerations other than merit have circumvented security assessment that should have been done prior to employment of this man. It is depressing to know the airline has recently regularized services of over 4,500 contract employees like this just to gain cheap popularity. That is a serious compromise of safety and security that can lead to PIA being blacklisted. -TAHIR HASSAN, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, via e-mail, September 27.