Former Afghan President Dr. Najeebullah's prediction, which he made 30 years ago, had proved right as Pakistan was sinking in the quagmire it had created for Afghanistan by supporting Americans in a bid to bring about the downfall of the former Soviet Union, said Meraj Muhammad Khan, one of the founding fathers of the PPP in the tumultuous political era of mid-sixties, in an interview with The Nation at his DHA residence here on Tuesday. "Dr. Najeeb had especially invited me to Kabul for a personal meeting to explain his point of view on the events that unfolded after the ouster of Daud Khan. In the meeting, Najeeb frankly discussed Pakistan's intervention in Afghanistan's internal affairs. He talked in detail about Pakistan's overt and covert involvement and its supportive role to the opponents of the then Afghan regime by providing them guns and training", he added. Meraj said Najeebullah had predicted that what Pakistan rulers were sowing in Afghanistan at that time, would have to reap it in their own country in the future. That dark prediction is unfolding on the far western borders of Pakistan. Pakistan is reaping the bitter harvest, said veteran politician while referring to the suicide bombings, particularly in the upper northern parts of the country. Dr. Najeeb's claim about Pakistan supporting anti-Afghanistan forces was later confirmed by none other than the person who was the lynchpin of the entire sordid and gruesome acts, the former ISI head General (Retd) Hamid Gul. Gul, who blatantly admitted in his interviews both in the print and electronic media that Pakistan had trained and financially fuelled the US-backed jihad against Soviet Union and later supported the Taliban during what he called the so-called "war of liberation" during Afghan war. The Soviet Union withdrew troops from Afghanistan in the lifetime of Dr. Najeeb but Pakistan continued its intervention and propped up a new force called Taliban. Now Pakistan, toeing the US line, has declared the very Taliban as international terrorists and poured its men and material to eliminate them from inside its own territories, Khan maintained.People in the NWFP were peace-loving though being tribal, but now due to wrong policies of the successive rulers at the behest of America, the sovereignty of Pakistan is at stake and uncertainty and terrorism has spread beyond Dir and Swat and has reached the federal capital, Islamabad, he added. "I do not condone the terrorism, bomb blasts, killing of innocent people in the name of so-called Jihad and Islam. I do not tolerate any conspiracy against democracy; intellectuals, writers, journalists, politicians and common men will oppose the imposition of Shariah by force", he said. But fact is that the children of the poor and deprived families had been exploited in the name of Islam during Afghan war for the sake of American friendship and "for few pennies" and now these very people are being used against Pakistan.   Responding a question, Meraj Khan said he did not like Talibanisation. The people of a particular sect who claimed to be following right path should take part in the general elections and then implement their Shariah law. He said that people were talking against America now, but we had opposed American influence in Pakistan in 1954 and opposed Baghdad Pact, SEATO and CENTO and demanded independent foreign policy. "We had mortgaged our foreign policy to America in 1954. At that time we had pleaded that we cannot let our defence depend on the people living across seven seas for which we bear the brunt of rulers", he added. We were looking for aid in the name of "friends of Pakistan". American aid of 1954 had turned Pakistan into a moth eaten country. Instead of "self reliance" we adopted the policy of "reliance". Beggar nations cannot rectify their economy. Pakistan had been made administration-oriented state since 1954 and not production-oriented country, the veteran politician argued. During the dictatorial regime of Ayub Khan, the industrialists had been dependent on the PIDC. Replying to a question, he said time has proved that socialist societies were better and socialism was better than imperialism. In the socialist society resources are used for the welfare of people, their health and education. But we did not learn any lesson from our neighbours, he said. "China is an emerging economic giant and has one trillion dollars reserves. We have remained under threat in different names. Help of imperialism is needed in fear. China has constructed Gwadar Port and always ready to help Pakistan in the time of need. We want to live in this region as a respectable nation. We will have to build our good relations with China and Iran. Our economic welfare is linked with both of these countries. We should also build our relations with Russia. We will have to break the shackle of frontline partner of the imperialist power", Meraj Khan continued. To a question about financial hardships, he said in fact Pakistan is facing economic crisis and starvation. Pakistani people have 110 billion dollars in foreign banks. If our rulers and opposition politicians bring their wealth in the country, other Pakistanis will also follow them and our problems will be resolved and our moral will be boosted. Time has come for such a sacrifice. Has someone listened that the Indian politician maintained accounts in foreign banks? Democracy under the umbrella of imperialism and tribal feudalism cannot be strengthened. What is the Western democracy? It was built after abolition of tribalism and feudalism. Dictators had destroyed the country. Generals had always propagated against the civilians. General Ayub had propagated against Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah, General Yahya disintegrated the country, General Zia had hanged Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Shaukat Aziz had pushed the country on the threshold of destruction, he added. When asked how could we solve our problems? He said "We will have to abolish tribalism through education and bring land reforms, power should be devolved to the provinces which will help strength federation, formulate independent foreign policy. Playing regional games of superpowers should be stopped. Instead of using force against tribal people, education should be spread among them, development works should be carried out in their areas and resources be spent on their social welfare. Similarly, the use of force should be immediately stopped in Balochistan.   "Ironically General Zia not only hanged Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto but his Shariah Court declared initial land reforms of the assassinated PPP leader as un-Islamic", lamented Meraj Khan, also a close associated of Z.A Bhutto and one of the founding member of the PPP. He said Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was a towering leader. Supremacy of constitution and rule of law are sine quo non of democracy, for which independent judiciary is needed. Alienation of masses from national affairs and governance is horrible. Participation of people in the national affair is necessary. Law and order should be restored; protection should be given to life and property of people, tribal practices based on ignorance and most often on hate should be abolished, the practices like honour killings and burying women alive could be abolished only through education, he continued.PPP should always remain committed to its slogan of Roti, Kapra Aur Makan, which made it most popular party in Pakistan. It should always strive to fulfil the promise of its founding father Z.A Bhutto. Issuing Benazir Bhutto card is commendable but it did not fulfil the promise that the party had made for providing shelter, food and clothing to the poor segments of the society. Benazir Bhutto was a courageous person though her entire family was eliminated violently but still marched with the people and returned to Pakistan knowing well that it might hurt her physically. "PPP should do more then just issuing Benazir Bhutto cards, so that her name remains alive forever", Khan concluded.