KARACHI - The Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) Executive Board held its requisitioned meeting here late Tuesday morning at the HCP with representatives of Balochistan and Sindh seeking the postponement of the meeting till the naming of the new president of the PHF. Balochistan secretary Qaiser Khan Loni informed The Nation after the meeting that lasted two hours that he and Rao Salim of Sindh had told members to put off the meeting which should be called after the nomination of the new PHF president which is expected to be officially named some time on late Tuesday. However, it could not be confirmed personally from the Sindh secretary whether he had also supported the postponement. Other members of the meeting did not pay any heed to the suggestion, he said. After the meeting, a number of local hockey organisers even questioned the existence of the Executive Board in place of the PHF Council. However, a senior official of the PHF secretariat who is specially here for the meeting, said that the Executive Board was set up in place of the PHF Council some time ago. After the meeting, the nominated secretary of the PHF former Olympian Asif Bajwa addressed a media briefing with all those who attended the meeting sitting with him. Bajwa said in the absence of the president of the PHF, senior vice president of the PHF Saeed Khan from NWFP should preside over the meeting which approved his nomination as secretary of the PHF. He said as the meeting was a requisitioned one, it was not possible to put off the scheduled meeting after Mir Zafarullah Khan Jamali resigned from the office of the president of the PHF late Monday evening. It was Jamali, he said, who had advised him to shift the meeting venue to Karachi from Lahore where it was earlier scheduled to be held. He said the Executive Board unanimously passed a resolution paying rich tributes to services and efforts of Mir Zafarullah Jamali who resigned from the office. His services to the game and his efforts for the development of the game were lauded by the members of the board, he said. All items on the agenda of the meeting except naming the selection committee and junior and senior team management were taken up and approved. The national selection committee and senior and junior team managements would be named by the new president, he said. The senior team management had already resigned after Beijing Olympics debacle and the national junior team management headed by former Olympian Jahangir Butt resigned on Monday evening along with the PHF president Jamali. The meeting took up various items on the agenda and after discussion took a number of decisions. But those decisions, he said including his formal approval as secretary of the PHF needed approval of the PHF Congress. The Executive Board, he said had decided to convene a meeting of the PHF Congress in Rawalpindi on October 20. Col Nadeem who attended the meting as representative of Army was given the responsibility to select a venue for holding the Congress. Sources inside the Board said Col. Nadeem may pick a place which would be secure. The meeting also approved the master plan Asif Bajwa had announced about a fortnight ago at Karachi. Under the proposed plan, coaching academies would be set up across the country and separate club and inter school competitions would be held. Winner of Pakistan Club championship, he said, would represent the country at the Asian championship. He saw no problem in raising Rs. sixty odd million or more annually to support the activities of the master plan. The PHF, he said, was looking for support from the government and multinational organisation. More over, the PHF marketing team would also be moving to collect funds. He said after the approval from the Executive Board, the master plan had moved into execution stage. The meting also discussed and named four committees. They are constitution committee, umpiring committee, coaching and development committee and competition committee. He bluntly refused to give the names of the members of those committees saying that it would be released after the approval from the PHF Congress. The meeting also took up a number of amendments proposed in the PHF constitution. All proposed amendments, he said were for system and not person specific. The proposed amendments, he said, would be approved by the PHF Congress before those were incorporated in the PHF Constitution. In a brief Q and A session Bajwa neither rejected or confirmed the claim of Mir Zafarullah Khan Jamali that he was leaving behind Rs. fifty five million in the accounts of the PHF. Jamali in a press conference held on Monday to announce his resignation had said that he had inherited merely Rs. 1.2 million when he took over the PHF but was leaving Rs. fifty two million. Bajwa said he did not have the exact figures with him right away but may be the funds in the PHF accounts could be what Mr. Jamali had stated. The PHF treasurer Gulfaraz Ahmed Khan, a senior officer of the NBP, who is also the treasurer of the PHF, was sitting with Bajwa when he spoke about the funds available in the accounts of the PHF. Sources inside the meeting said that the constitution had been made more democratic and most of the bylaws which were autocratic and gave immense power to the president had been curtailed. Under the proposed amendment, the president could not sack the secretary which earlier he could do unless he issued a notice and given opportunity to defend himself. Those who attended the meeting of the executive board were: Saeed Ahmed, senior vice president, secretary Asif Bajwa, treasurer Gulfaraz Ahmed Khan, Zahir Khan secretary NWFP, Rana Mujahid, secretary the Punjab Hockey Association, Rao Salim SHA, and Qaiser Khan Loni secretary Balochistan hockey Association, Col, Nadeem represented Army, Rasheed Butt, Railways, Barrister Shahida Jamil, secretary PHF women's wing. Former Olympians Akhtar Rasool, Shahbaz Ahmed attended as technocrats with observer status. Tauqeer Dar was also to attend as technocrat but he would not make the trip.