ISLAMABAD - Supreme Court Tuesday issued fresh notices to Sharif brothers, the top leaders of Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz), before deferring the hearing of appeals till November 12 filed by Federation of Pakistan in favour of their eligibility to hold public offices. Both Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif, who are Quaid and President of PML-N respectively, are boycotting the present judiciary as a protest against it for taking oath of allegiance to former president Musharraf who refurbished judiciary after imposing emergency in the country on Nov 3 last year. A three-judge bench of apex court headed by Justice Moosa K Leghari is hearing the appeals filed by Federation of Pakistan against a LHC ruling against Sharif brothers. The LHC ruling passed on June 24 this year, disqualified Nawaz Sharif from holding a public office while conditionally allowed PML-N President Shahbaz Sharif to hold office of CM Punjab. LHC had also asked Election Commission of Pakistan to constitute a fresh election tribunal for reviewing eligibility of Shahbaz Sharif. When the apex court resumed the hearing of Federation's plea in support of Sharif brothers on Tuesday, Attorney General for Pakistan Sardar Latif Khosa contended that the issue before the bench entailed several important issues pertaining to democracy in Pakistan as it involved the fate of a twice-elected prime minister of this nation. Advocate Ahmed Raza Kasuri, who is representing Syed Khurram Shah who challenged the eligibility of Sharifs, suggested both PML-N leaders to appear before the court as the issue involved their political fate. "They are staying outside the court and expecting the justice," Kasuri remarked. Khosa, however, stated that the court should do justice irrespective of whether anyone was properly represented before the court or not as "justice must prevail". Kasuri also challenged the locus standi of the Federation to file the appeals against the LHC ruling as, according to him, it was a matter between the two individuals. "If anyone feels aggrieved, the one should come directly before the court", he said. Another counsel, who was representing the a proposer of Nawaz Sharif's nomination papers, stated that Federation had rightly come in appeal as it was custodian of the rights of its citizens. Advocate General Punjab Khawaja Haris on the occasion apprised the court that the notices issued earlier to the respondents could not be delivered properly due to some clerical mistake in the addresses of Sharif brothers. Agreeing to the suggestion that the exercise of serving notices on all respondents including Sharif brothers be repeated, the bench adjourned hearing of the issue till November 12 while issuing fresh notices to all respondents. The bench had also served notices to Sharif brothers in September last but they didn't turn up before the court in line with the stance that they don't deem courts properly constituted until and unless all the judges including former Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, deposed on November 3 last year, are not reinstated.