ISLAMABAD - The recent wave of terror and chances of more attacks in the Federal Capital have perplexed the artists' community which not only resulted in a great financial loss to them but also created sense of fear among these entertainers. Like other segments of society, artists are also facing great difficulties due to deteriorating security situation in the country. The series of devastating suicide attacks at Metropolitan has forced the event managers to avoid holding of cultural activities that resulted in sever financial loss to both artists and organisers. A survey conducted by TheNation here on Tuesday revealed that the artists and event managers are depressed due to their financial problems. Particularly, artists are living in deplorable condition. Gull Muhammad, a folk singer, who has been working in Marriott Hotel for the last many years but the unfortunate Marriott blast has created worries in him about his future. "Although the Hotel owner has promised us for paying salaries and we have also got our one salary after blast but still I am worried about my future as I cannot say anything weather I could get my job after renovation of hotel or not," Gull Muhammad added. Director Nomad Art Gallery Nageen Hayaat told this scribed, "Marriott blast has traumatised people of this city. Obviously turn out of our customers has also been dropped after this blast." She maintained that art and culture is not in high priorities in this country and it is a great challenge for us to alive this art, especially in prevailing circumstances. She also informed that I have postponed major function of Nomad Art Gallery soon after Marriott blast. "Artists are distressing owing to their financial problems and most of them are thinking about leaving their professions. In current circumstances, when artists cannot get peace of mind," Sulaman Adal, a flute player opined. Shaukat Manzoor who is a singer, music director and poet struggling hard for his survival. Besides performing in functions, he is also a music teacher of about 400 students. In a telephonic interview, he complained about lack of institutional support and said; "We hardly manage to accomplish our expenditures. In Islamabad and Rawalpindi there is clear decrease in entertainment activities and mostly artists are trying to get work at other areas." Fozia who is associated with profession of painting informed that in recent past I displayed my paintings at Alliance Fracasise d Islamabad', but this event had been cancelled after the blast at Danish Embassy. She maintained Alliance Francaise d'Islamabad has been closed after the blast at Danish Embassy. "Mostly embassies are avoided holding of any activity in present circumstances. I was regularly participated in events of German Embassy but now this embassy has also closed its doors for artists," she added.