KARACHI- Despite the support of the State Bank of Pakistan the rupee hit all-time low against the US dollar by falling to 81.50 in the open market on Tuesday. In open market operations, the rupee further shed its value by 1.50 paisa against the US dollar on Tuesday as the dollar-rupee exchange parity crossed the barrier of 81 and reached at Rs 81.50 amid high demand of the US currency by the importers and supply shortages, currency experts told The Nation. Similarly as expected, the demand pressure from the importers once again put rupee on the backfoot in the inter bank dealings on Tuesday, according to Syed Nabeel Iqbal, Manager Marketing at KKI (Pvt.) Ltd. In the open market dealings the rupee showed another fall of Rs. 1.50 till the closing of market on Tuesday, he said, adding that since morning when the greenback was being quoted at Rs. 81 for buying and Rs. 81.50 for selling respectively amid another round of demand from buyers arrested the market while the same trend in the inter bank also hurt the currency standing. On Tuesday, an increased demand was witnessed which is one of the major reasons for a steep rise in dollar's price. Further as expected, the demand pressure from importers once again put rupee on the back foot in the inter bank dealings as well and hence, rupee fell on technical grounds too.  In the inter bank, rupee which traded within narrow ranges on Monday lost its momentum and once again fell on account of fairly high demand from buyers specially the importers. As a result, dollar which had closed at Rs. 79.20 (average on Monday) was quoted at Rs. 79.80 for buying and Rs. 79.90 for selling respectively, he said. Since the demand from major buyers came in large volumes after thin trading sessions the other day, its supply remained under pressure therefore. He quoted a banker's view as saying that rupee would likely keep on trading under pressure until and unless any major inflows do not come into the system. "The buying pressure is severe but supply side is still weak which is not allowing rupee to take full advantage of the corrective actions constantly being taken by the SBP and the arrival of any minor inflows into the system, Nabeel Iqbal analyzed.   "However, the market sentiments have improved up to some extent in the last few days as there is hope that international bilateral agencies and friends of Pakistan would support financial help to the country in the short term. However, with all announcements and no formal approvals and arrivals in the systems yet, it is difficult for national currency to manage this situation. Though, rupee is expected to recover once the inflows get better but till then, is in the risk zone of losing more shine", he added. Earlier, forex market sources had already projected that the dollar might be breaching the barrier of 81 this week during any upcoming session of forex trading in the open and interbank markets in the backdrop of speculative sentiments and volatility in the local capital market.   Analysts also see that surge in the rupee-dollar foreign exchange rate would increase the cost of imports and production leading to more inflation and more financial burden on the consumers. There remained a certain degree of market risk and volatility about price hike in the US/Pak currencies in the capital market, putting adverse pressure on the rupee against the US dollar.