WASHINGTON - The United states is trying to gather information about a 20-year-old American man who was arrested on Monday at a checkpoint near the Afghan border in Pakistan's tribal areas, a State Department spokesman said Tuesday. "What we're trying to do is establish the facts. And once we get the facts, we'll decide on a course of action," Spokesman Sean McCormack said while responding to questions at a news briefing. "Of course if there were any American citizen that was being detained by Pakistani authorities, we would seek access to that person," he added. According to press reports,  the man " identified on his passport as Juddi Kenan, a resident of Florida " did not have permission to be in the region as is required by Pakistani law. He was arrested at a checkpoint trying to enter Mohmand agency. The spokesman said, "Our embassy in Islamabad and our consulate in Peshawar have contacted Pakistani authorities in response to these news reports. But beyond that, I don't have any information. We're still following up on the news reports."