LAHORE Punjab University Academic Staff Association (ASA) staged a protest demonstration against PU Vice Chancellor Dr Mujahid Kamran in front of Punjab Assembly on Friday. On the occasion, ASA President Mahar Saeed said that Punjab Assembly Public Account Committee held an inquiry against illegal postings and financial irregularities in the Punjab University. He demanded that the inquiry report should be made public so the offenders could be exposed. He alleged that incumbent administration of PU was involved in discriminatory actions against their opponents. In response of the protest, Punjab University Teachers Front issued a press release that said, The few faculty members and employees attempted to disrepute Punjab University and distributed pamphlets and other malicious leaflets outside Punjab Assembly and tried to misguide assembly members. According to the press release, These agitators, including Mahar Saeed, Mumtaz Salik, Mumtaz Anwar, and notorious university employees Ghulam Abbas Lodhi and Munir Awan, hoped that some of the members of assembly attending the session might show their support but they were also disappointed for not receiving any attention from the lawmakers. These agitators, belonging to a political group, have always been found in disrupting the academic atmosphere of the university and even their sons have been found involved illegal activities in the past. It is essential to highlight that the disruptive and negative agenda of the agitators. All of them have a very negative record of their past activities mostly focused on unlawful and disorderly activities during their stay in the varsity. And after expulsion due to disciplinary action against them for anti-social activities to disrupt the peaceful educational environment of the university, their focus has been to try to abuse and misuse their position for the attainment of gaining unlawful objectives of interference in the normal administration and academic pursuits. These elements wants their former nazim to be the top administrator of the university and go against all the administrative officials who dont bow to them or act according to their illegal wishes. For the past many years prior to taking over of the university affairs by Vice Chancellor Mujahid Kamran, unfortunately for them, this abuse of their influence was stopped by the present administration with the support of students and faculty heads of the various departments. Their present agitation and disruptive activities are a direct result of the loss of their old so-called prestigious control over various activities of the university. They can no longer assert their unlawful and unauthorised influence since the ban on unions in the universities which these unruly elements regard as obstruction in their free for all misconduct. Not only the student community, but the public as well as the media now have seen the ugly and dirty game of such elements who are trying to pollute peaceful academic environment for their dirty ends. During the past four years of the present university administration, rapid strides have been made in various fields of the academic activities bringing the ranking of the varsity to the fourth in position in the whole of Pakistan. The overwhelming majority of the students, employees and academia therefore strongly feel that continuity of this unique progress made by the Punjab University under the Vice Chancellor must be allowed continuity to attain the fruits of reform recently introduced in all spheres of this oldest and the largest alma matter of Pakistan.