It is high time a statesman emerged who could provide a remedy for all the ills prevailing in this country. The Fata areas should come under the government rule and we should completely discharge elements such as ‘taliban’ out of Pakistan as they do not adhere to our constitution or to Islamic Sharia laws,

The so-called ‘Pakistani Taliban’ is a totally alien phenomenon which must be considered as enemies of the state. If this issue is not addressed immediately it will annihilate this entire nation. They kill with impunity as they come under no law and are unreachable, as they enjoy the inaccessibility of tribal areas, both physical and political. The only way left is to invest heavily in making our tribal frontiers with Afghanistan completely non-porous and then wiping out this menace by a thoroughly planned action by our valiant soldiers, after these elements are completely isolated from their mainstay. This is the first short term action plan out of many short and long term actions required to make this nation a safe haven for us, a nuclear power that no one dare even consider attacking, including India and Israel.


Karachi, October 10.