Killing people to achieve peace is beyond any civilised person’s comprehension. Many military operations have left this country in a bad situation, and now many are determined to start another military operation, but is that a sane approach? Malala had the answer. Malala Yousufzai has taught us that the right way to take on the bigoted, fanatic militants, or whatever they want to be called, is to avoid war, they do not fear war, they want war, what they fear is peace. What will defeat them is education, harmony, progressiveness and prosperity, but so far, we have been playing into their hands. These military operations have allowed them to promote their extremist ideology. Many children haven’t been to schools since the war started in Waziristan. In short, all our methods have been counterproductive. Now its time we adopt Malala’s way - give peace a chance.


Lahore, October 12.