All over the world organizations and people work to bring prosperity to their country. It is very heartening to see that KESC’s has taken this initiative under its Social Investment Program. I read about it in different newspapers. It provided a ray of hope, especially in the present era, when we are surrounded by negativity and distress. I am sure that by providing free and subsidised electricity to hospitals and other social welfare organisations, KESC has won the heart of many.

Other members of our corporate sector can also take such initiatives and work for community and social development. Being a resident of Islamabad, I would love to see IESCO take responsibility and play the role of a community builder. Philanthropist and organizations can join hand in projects that will uplift Pakistan and bring prosperity.

Such initiatives should also be taken in other cities of Pakistan as well where there is dire need for community development and it should also not be confined to the power sector but all institutions in their own capacity and area of specialization should work for the betterment of the country, as this is one way that can strengthen our social fabric. Through such initiatives Pakistan can shine in the world. KESC’s approach is a perfect example of how corporations can play a role in national prosperity.


Islamabad, October 12.