The down side of media is that sometimes it shows a tunnel vision. In Pakistan, the media has focused so completely on the Malala issue that they have taken their eyes off other atrocious happening in the country. There seems to be a conspiracy of silence on drone attacks in Waziristan. Recently 18 people were killed in Orakzai Agency. Although, Foreign Office protests the violation of sovereignty but no serious concerns are shown by our political leadership and the army. What the public cannot understand is why can’t we shoot down these drones, if they are invading our territory?

Also very little coverage has been awarded to the drone attack because Malala (although I pray for her) is present on every talk show and on the news channels and on every page of the newspapers. There is a serious need for media and government to not get hyped by one issue, so that it does not looks like a contrived plan.


Islamabad, October 12.