In Pakistan, being ‘liberal’ has become a fashion, while others perceive it to be an insult. No one tries to find out what this means in reality. There seems to be contradictions in this belief, the major is, ‘if I believe it I am a liberal, if you believe it you are not,’ sort of thinking. In reality ‘liberalism’ is believing in freedom, harmony and respect for everyone, ‘Classical Liberals’ have always been in opposition to colonization, imperialism and more recently, the American led ‘war on terror’. Before the American attack on Iraq, in western liberal societies strongest anti-war processions and marches were seen being conducted by liberals.

American drone attacks are criticized around the world for being inhumane, illegal and counterproductive, but there are people here who still support these remote-controlled murderers, and call themselves ‘liberals’. This stance not only shows the self-contradictory beliefs, but also highlights the confusion of such overly ‘enlightened’ individuals.


Lahore, October 11.