ISLAMABAD - Awami Workers Party (AWP) Monday staged a protest demonstration outside the National Press Club to express solidarity with the Balochistan earthquake affectees and condemned the state’s inadequate, authoritarian and non-transparent response to the disaster.

Speaking on the occasion, AWP Islamabad Organiser Nazish Zahoor condemned the federal and provincial governments for their sluggish and indifferent response to the earthquake in which thousands had been left homeless.

He also singled out Pakistan Army in particular for allegedly using the earthquake as an excuse to strengthen its position and conduct operations in the province under the guise of relief efforts.

Nazish Zahoor said that the military’s insistence on banning the humanitarian organisations and media personnel from entering the affected areas is not only keeping the world from discovering the truth of the state’s neglect but also badly hampering relief and rehabilitation efforts.

Aasim Sajjad, Secretary General, AWP Punjab, demanded that control of the humanitarian operation should be taken from the military and handed over to civilian institutions that are accountable to the people

Other speakers, including Farzana Bari, Sheak sattar, Ammar Rashid, Amna Mawaz, Alia Amirali and Nisar Shah also addressed.